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To support the offer of Executive the health and fitness of the executive. Not only can we help the executive get healthy and stay healthy, but we can improve their physical and biological fitness with a couple of products that we have learned work wonders with the human body. To read an article on the four domains of fitness, click here:

One of the areas we specialize in is helping executives maintain or create a strong physical presence. We have learned this increases their energy, their thought processes and creativity. The offer comes in two forms and can be combined or operated seperately depending on the goal.

The first program offers a custom designed workout routine to match the body of the executive and the current state of conditioning. workouts and health.

Client Awards

$75,000 VA contract awarded Aug 2016 to ODG

MRS OSHA Safety wins Training Award with the Riverside Superior Court

Daly Works wins Courier Service Award with St. Louis VA

Hoffman Management Construction Company wins building award with California Water Service Company


PJ Cephas wins Cal Water Service Company Painting Contract


BP Telco wins Los Angeles Veterans Home award


Best Medical Enterprises wins LA Veteran Home Medical Diagnostic Service Award


OC Medical wins LA Veteran Home Medical Supply Contract


Dorman PSI awarded multi-year, million dollar contract


LaChaine & Associates awarded multi-year contract


Rubicon Engineering awarded multi-year contract


HMCC/AZTEC JV awarded 64 bathroom remodel with a large So Cal utility

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Lee Morgan, ServiCorps SystemsLee Morgan, ServiCorps Systems
Agoura Hills, California

“Bill Osgood and his team at CFR & Associates have helped shape and mold the processes that help us run our business. From processes to identify and correct breakdowns in our delivery of service to techniques for identifying top-notch employees Bill has helped us tremendously. Transitioning from a small “mom and pop” computer service and support company to a multi-owner, full-service IT Support and Management organization was made possible by Bills guidance.”

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