One to One Life Coaching

Our Executive Coaching program is both diverse and creative. We offer the traditional one on one variety of executive coaching complete with built in accountability with no coaching agenda other than the BHAGS of our clients. Schedule your Complimentary Consultation today and watch what happens with your career or business.

We also offer group mastermind levels of executive coaching as well. this program is featured on another page and can be accessed through the services tab/Strategic Leadership Forum Mastermind Groups

One on one executive coaching offers several benefits:

  1. The ability to have someone to confide in as a leader. Often times leaders are frustrated because they are isolated in their company’s. We offer the opportunity to have a coach who is skilled and adept in helping the executive to grow in their field through observational and leadership development.
  2. Accountability, often the most powerful weapon of all in executive coaching, but sometimes the hardest to do. At CFR & Associates, we guarantee that the most important things to you are what you are going to accomplish.
  3. A Sounding board for your most difficult decisions. At CFR & Associates, we are skilled in listening and being able to create distinctions and ask questions that will help to sort through your most difficult issues.
  4. The opportunity to become a member of a Mastermind group and interface with other CEO’s at a fraction of the cost.
Client Awards

$75,000 VA contract awarded Aug 2016 to ODG

MRS OSHA Safety wins Training Award with the Riverside Superior Court

Daly Works wins Courier Service Award with St. Louis VA

Hoffman Management Construction Company wins building award with California Water Service Company


PJ Cephas wins Cal Water Service Company Painting Contract


BP Telco wins Los Angeles Veterans Home award


Best Medical Enterprises wins LA Veteran Home Medical Diagnostic Service Award


OC Medical wins LA Veteran Home Medical Supply Contract


Dorman PSI awarded multi-year, million dollar contract


LaChaine & Associates awarded multi-year contract


Rubicon Engineering awarded multi-year contract


HMCC/AZTEC JV awarded 64 bathroom remodel with a large So Cal utility

A complete database of listings for all emergency, legal and law enforcement government offices in the country

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C.O.O./V.P. A2Z Staffing Solutions

I have met Mr. William Osgood in 2011 at the WBENC conference in Minneapolis MN.
Since that time, Mr. Osgood provided invaluable business development counseling
and strategic introductions to A2Z Staffing Solutions’ leadership team.

Mr. Osgood has been continuously encouraging of our business and communicating
opportunities in support of our company expansion.

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