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Is your Business climbing the charts? Find out more below about the specialty areas of coaching that CFR & Associates has become an industry leader in.

We have learned that executives and business owners all have one thing in common. The management, hiring, retention and selection of employees are some of the most critical decisions a small business can make. Employees in a small business can either make or break the business. Good employees add value, bring in customers, create innovations to make the business better, and create opportunities for more business. Secondly, one of the important issues every executive faces is that we all have the same amount of time – 24 hours – so how you use it determines the success you will enjoy.

At CFR & Associates, we want to offer the business community a broad range of services in order for them to build their businesses and their leadership skills. As a result, we offer seminars, leadership forums for CEO’s, Comprehensive Coaching Packages, a Systems and Processes Plan Template, A Star Package (a guaranteed hiring package), and Recommended Books. To schedule your Complimentary Consultation after reviewing the type of service you are interested in, please call or email us.

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Hiring Star Employees

Selection and Retention of Star Employees is a program that has been designed and developed over the last three years while logging over 5,000 client hours with 200 plus companies. The number one difficulty small businesses face is finding and retaining people, if they have successfully addressed the cash flow and revenue issues. If this is a… Read More

Government Contracting

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Business Coaching

Business Growth Coaching is often one of the most abused descriptions in today’s business world. Business growth coaching is a process of working with the business to eliminate breakdowns that cost them time, effort, energy and money. In the process of eliminating… Read More

Fitness Coaching

This service offers the user the opportunity to learn and grow in the areas of fitness and health. One of the many services that are offered are customized workouts to produce a powerful… Read More

Client Awards

$75,000 VA contract awarded Aug 2016 to ODG

MRS OSHA Safety wins Training Award with the Riverside Superior Court

Daly Works wins Courier Service Award with St. Louis VA

Hoffman Management Construction Company wins building award with California Water Service Company


PJ Cephas wins Cal Water Service Company Painting Contract


BP Telco wins Los Angeles Veterans Home award


Best Medical Enterprises wins LA Veteran Home Medical Diagnostic Service Award


OC Medical wins LA Veteran Home Medical Supply Contract


Dorman PSI awarded multi-year, million dollar contract


LaChaine & Associates awarded multi-year contract


Rubicon Engineering awarded multi-year contract


HMCC/AZTEC JV awarded 64 bathroom remodel with a large So Cal utility

A complete database of listings for all emergency, legal and law enforcement government offices in the country


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Executive Director/VP at Silhouettes for VETS

I have been working with William for the past two years in the veterans employment space. His passion and expertise in development of small business and veteran entrepreneurial practices has made him a valuable asset to businesses looking to increase their profitability & longevity of financial stability.

He is also an advocate for awareness & education keeping up

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