Mission, Vision & Core Values

Mission: To create wealth for the business owner so they can invest in the lives of their employees and hire veterans.

Vision: To be a nationally influential advocacy for veterans rights and veterans contracting preference thereby reducing veteran unemployment and creating wealth for veteran business owners.

Core Values:

CFR holds as it highest core value a duty to God and to the United States of America
CFR responds in a timely manner to all client inquiries and provides excellent client service
CFR pays its corporate liabilities on time and expects its clients to pay on time
CFR supports the Veteran community with all of its capability, capacity, and credibility

And here is how they started:
Purpose is an internal document
Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Business Description are shared at every opportunity

Core Company Values:

  1. God is the reason for our existence and we seek to honor him in our work. Our number one priority is to bring him glory and honor.
  2. Family is the beneficiary of our work. All of the families affected by the work of CFR & Associates will see increase and prosper.
  3. Honesty is the only way to conduct business. All communication and service will operate under this general law of the universe.
  4. Humility in everything we do
  5. Client Service is the key to business growth. Our work is always about the client and their needs and it will always be about the client and helping businesses to be successful. Our reward will come.
  6. Preparation for each and every meeting in which we are represented
  7. Performance at the highest level without explanations or excuses. Excellence or better is the only option!
  8. Respect for each individual and company we meet
  9. Accountability to Almighty God and to our clients, employees, and shareholders
  10. Paying Employees, Vendors, and all others on time
  11. Allowing our resources to be used for good

Business Description:

CFR & Associates was founded in 2004 to create wealth for the business owner it coached. Originally, CFR only offered coaching services designed to assist the CEO in identifying weaknesses in their organization and developing strategies to breakthrough and overcome them. Since CFR has since logged over 10,000 hours of executive level coaching, this remains a primary core competency. What CFR realized is that the CORE VALUES, MISSION, And VISION held by the CEO was and is the most important factor in businesses built to last. So CFR created its Copyrighted Selection and Retention of STAR Employee program to select employees rather than settle for employees. The selection means that the prospective employee holds similar core values, believes in your mission, and wants to go on the ride with you to achieve the vision. When the economy turned the wrong way in 2008, CFR developed its Government Contract Consultancy to assist its clientele in expanding their footprint into the government arena since private sector commerce had virtually dried up. Since then, CFR has successfully garnered millions of dollars in contracts for its now 50 company portfolio, which is continuing to grow. CFR has added a special twist to its government contracting consulting in that it offers a Small Business Veteran Contracting Preference making it affordable for companies to utilize and capitalize on CFR’s expertise without the big risk and price tag of other consultancies. CFR believes that it can make as much money as it wants once its clients make as much money as they want.

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Client Awards

$75,000 VA contract awarded Aug 2016 to ODG

MRS OSHA Safety wins Training Award with the Riverside Superior Court

Daly Works wins Courier Service Award with St. Louis VA

Hoffman Management Construction Company wins building award with California Water Service Company


PJ Cephas wins Cal Water Service Company Painting Contract


BP Telco wins Los Angeles Veterans Home award


Best Medical Enterprises wins LA Veteran Home Medical Diagnostic Service Award


OC Medical wins LA Veteran Home Medical Supply Contract


Dorman PSI awarded multi-year, million dollar contract


LaChaine & Associates awarded multi-year contract


Rubicon Engineering awarded multi-year contract


HMCC/AZTEC JV awarded 64 bathroom remodel with a large So Cal utility

A complete database of listings for all emergency, legal and law enforcement government offices in the country


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