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Marketing to Various Sectors of Government, The Feds

In previous articles, we have looked at the government procurement process by defining the various government sectors of procurement and what they are looking for in a contractor as far as certifications, registrations and capability statements. We are now ready to explore the specific processes a company can utilize to successfully market to the government. […]

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Is the Post-Recession Economy the real reason you are a Cave Dweller?

In this economy, it is pretty normal to experience fear and trepidation about the current state of business and the future prospects for your business. However, it is critical to stay focused on the opportunities and not the circumstances, but to be as Stephen Covey says in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Habit […]

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Breaking Through in this Economy

Is there some bad news out there, heard any of it lately? Do you believe it? Do you have a choice? A change in attitude, would you agree that business is going to go on? That there is money to be made? What if you project an attitude of gratitude? Law of attraction 10 Strategies […]

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Government Contracting – The Capability Statement

In order to effectively market to any sector described in the previous articles, it is important to have an effective and colorful one page description of the value your company provides to its customers. In the sectors we are describing, we call this a capability statement and it provides the procurement or sourcing teams the […]

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Client Awards

$75,000 VA contract awarded Aug 2016 to ODG

MRS OSHA Safety wins Training Award with the Riverside Superior Court

Daly Works wins Courier Service Award with St. Louis VA

Hoffman Management Construction Company wins building award with California Water Service Company


PJ Cephas wins Cal Water Service Company Painting Contract


BP Telco wins Los Angeles Veterans Home award


Best Medical Enterprises wins LA Veteran Home Medical Diagnostic Service Award


OC Medical wins LA Veteran Home Medical Supply Contract


Dorman PSI awarded multi-year, million dollar contract


LaChaine & Associates awarded multi-year contract


Rubicon Engineering awarded multi-year contract


HMCC/AZTEC JV awarded 64 bathroom remodel with a large So Cal utility

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